An Introduction

Ah my first blog… Honestly I barely even know what a blog is, I’ve never been someone who would read blogs deliberately. Is it just someone rambling about things they like, don’t like, or about what’s going on in their life or someone else’s? I don’t know why anyone would care. I never understood why people watch or read about other people’s life. It usually doesn’t make sense to me just like how people these days watch other people play video games on twitch and stuff, like, why not just play the game yourself? but I guess it’s all just different forms of entertainment. I guess you could say that about sports too. Why watch sports if you can play them yourself. I think the biggest difference there though is that sports are more physically demanding than video games. 

As you can see, I tend to just ramble about stuff and get a little sidetracked. My point is that I am here creating my own “blog” website and plan on talking about different subjects and categorizing them, making it easy for you to find something interesting to you at the time. I think of it more as a journal filled with me and whoever else talking about stuff, sharing stuff, and helping anyone in any way we can. It’s more about my curiosity to try stuff out and doing my best to act on it. 

Originally this website was going to be about everyone coming on and sharing stuff. I had a forum (which I want to get again but there are some technical difficulties at the moment.) And the plan was that it would be more of a social media platform I guess you could say. Maybe even like my own form of Reddit but not as broad, if that makes sense. I want to share with everyone different forms of creativity that I find great while allowing others to do the same. However the old version of this website got complicated, I seemed to have accidentally screw something up and one day decided to destroy it out of frustration lol
But after wiping it all out, I was walking into my room when the word blog popped into my head. I was told when I was first wanting to make a website that I should make a blog. I didn’t quite know what that meant. I thought it was just a bunch of people who are full of themselves writing online about crap no one should care about. I wanted it to be more about sharing creativity but the other day a light bulb went off and that’s when I realized (whether I’m right or not) that my original plan was very similar to a blog. See, what I want to do here is to basically create my own newspaper, figuratively speaking, that focuses on art, music, games, stories, and rambling “deep” and otherwise hopefully helpful and interesting thoughts.

So I hope you enjoy this and are able to find something new, interesting and or helpful. Thank you for your time, feel free to comment, share your thoughts, and share things that you feel like sharing as well. This is for all of us. It’s best when everyone includes themselves and shares their opinions.

P.S. I believe in confidentiality so no need to sign up with your real name. Have fun and make up a new name for yourself like the good ol’ days of the internet.

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